Our Mission
The Venor Group is dedicated to enriching the quality of organizations by providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to hiring superior talent.

postheadericon Our Approach

The Venor Group is an organization that is set up to successfully mine the talent pipeline and enable company’s to hire superior talent; we accomplish this with the following proven procedures:

Search Process
We have developed a proven search process to deliver the right leaders to meet our clients’ needs time and again. Honest, objective and frequent information exchange makes this process work.

Our Team Approach
Each assignment the group takes on has a carefully assembled team including a Principal Search Leader, Sourcing Specialists and Researchers. Our team defines the scope of the position, requirements, target companies, cultural and organizational attributes, expectations, reporting relationships and other relevant issues.

We have developed a significant research base. Using technological advancements and our extensive database, we rapidly compile competitor companies and candidate lists.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding assessment and evaluation skills. Our key focus is to search out the individuals with the right fit to the organization’s culture and who have a genuine interest in pursing the opportunity.

Throughout the search process we maintain a close and frequent contact with clients. In addition to frequent personal contact, we keep our clients updated through timely status reports. We feel this is essential to fine tuning the search and finding the best applicant in the shortest period of time.

Competitive Advantage
Our 25 years of experience has enabled us to create an extensive network of Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology professionals.

Let performance…
Work for you. Our performance based fee system eliminates risk to our clients and enables us the opportunity to effectively and efficiently exemplify our proven search services.